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What to Do If Your Tumble Dryer Won’t Start

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Are you dealing with a broken tumble dryer? Don’t despair – tumble dryers can often be repaired, and you may not need to replace it. Get tips for troubleshooting common problems in this article, and find out if the  approach is right for you.

Before troubleshooting your machine’s inner components, it’s important to ensure that you have power to the dryer. Check your circuit breaker box and look for a tripped switch. If one of the switches is in the “off” position, move it to the “on” position, then attempt to start your tumble dryer again.


If the door isn’t completely closed, the switch will prevent the dryer from starting. Open and close the door multiple times to ensure that it’s locking into place. Also, check to make sure there is nothing blocking the way of the door and that all hinges are secure. If you’re still having difficulty with your dryer not starting, consider contacting a local repair service to get further assistance.

Lint buildup is a common cause of dryers not starting. Take off the lint filter, locate and clean out any visible lint and dirt, then do the same on the bottom of both the drum and where it seals closed. If you can reach behind the drum to clean, you can use a vacuum with a crevice tool attachment. This should help remove any excess lint or debris that may be preventing your dryer from starting correctly.

Another possible cause for dryer not starting is a blockage in the ductwork. Inspect both the inside and outside of the dryer for any clogs, kinks, or deteriorating sections in the ducts that could be preventing air from passing through. If you discover an obstruction, carefully remove it and test to see if your dryer starts working as normal.


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