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Dishwasher repairs in Blackburn

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Appliance repair centre in Blackburn

We’ve all been there – after a long day at a family event, we want to put our feet up and relax only to find the dishwasher is faulty and there are piles upon piles of dishes. It’s a good thing we are experts at repairing home appliances such as these. Affordable and quality dishwasher repair services Blackburn.


Dishwasher technicians

Our technicians are factory trained appliance repair experts with over thirty-five years repairing faulty home appliances. we can repair any brand make or model of your valuable home appliance. It will be up and running again in no time! Trustworthy dishwasher repair services Blackburn we look forward to being of service.


Dishwasher repair near me?

We service all areas in and around Durban. So wherever you are in the Ethekweni district we will repair your appliances for you and your family.


CALL US ANYTIME! We are authorised SMEG repair agents

Dishwasher Repair FAQs - What Is the Difference Between Top Load, Front Load and Bottom Load?

What’s the difference between top load, front load and bottom load? Here’s everything you need to know about how to keep your dishwasher running smoothly.


There are three main types of dishwashers: top load, front load, and bottom load. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Top load dishwashers are the most popular because they’re easy to use and clean. However, they tend to be less energy efficient than other models. Front loaders are better at cleaning dishes, but they take longer to fill and empty. Bottom load machines are the least common, but they’re often the best option if you want to save space.

Leaking dishwasher repair

Is your dishwasher leaking? No problem our technicians will sort it out. We repair all brands. 

Bosch dishwasher pump replacement

Need your dishwasher’s pump replaced? We can help! Give its a call anytime.