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samsung washing machine parts Durban – Give us a call today

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We understand the importance of having reliable and high-quality parts to ensure the smooth functioning of your washing machine.

Genuine Parts:

 We are committed to delivering parts that meet the highest standards, giving you peace of mind that your washing machine will continue to operate at its best.

A close-up of a washing machine belt that is broken or damaged. - washing machine belt problems

Quality Assurance:

We take pride in sourcing and supplying only genuine Samsung washing machine parts, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance for your appliance.

technician fits samsung washer parts in durban

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With years of experience and extensive knowledge of Samsung washing machines, our team is well-equipped to assist you in finding the right parts for your specific model.

Same-day washing machine repairs in your area.

Bearings, drum paddles, seals, spider arms, and other vital components to maintain the drum and tub of your washing machine.

We can source 

Motors, control boards, door locks, wiring harnesses, and other electrical components essential for the smooth operation of your washing machine.

Drain pumps, water inlet valves, pressure switches, and other crucial parts that contribute to the efficient water flow and drainage in your washing machine.

Hoses, belts, filters, and other essential accessories for your washing machine maintenance and upkeep.

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