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Refrigerator repair in Everton

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Fridge appliance repair

Repairing fridges is one of the things that we do best! We’ve spent years honing our skills and perfecting our craft. Call us today to find out more about how we can fix your tumble dryer, or if you’re not sure what repairs you’ll need just yet, give us a call anyway — we’d love to hear from you! Experienced fridge repair in Everton.

Factory-trained technicians

All our technicians are factory trained on every make , model and brand of appliance. That means that no matter what type of fridge you need repaired our appliance repair team. Professional fridge repair in everton

CLICK HERE to read our BLOG.  We have authorised BOSCH repair agents.


Tips for Making Your Refrigerator Quieter

The noise produced by refrigerators can range from annoying to dangerous. Here are some tips for making yours quieter..

If you haven’t cleaned out the fridge lately, now is the perfect time to start. Remove any food items that aren’t going to last longer than two weeks, such as milk that has expired or leftovers that will spoil quickly. Also, remove anything that might attract pests, such as open containers of fruit juice or soda.

A new door seal can help reduce noise by preventing cold air from escaping through the gap between the door and the frame. It also helps keep moisture inside the refrigerator, which reduces condensation on the interior walls.