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If you have a problem with your refrigerator or freezer, you can rely on our team of professionals to solve it.


When you deal with us, we will provide you with professional and expert service.


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Refrigerator repair service Nearby - Appliance Repair Services - We repair all common fridge problems

If you hear loud banging sounds coming from your fridge, check to make sure there isn’t ice buildup inside the machine. This will cause the motor to work harder than necessary, which can lead to noise. Also, make sure that the door seal is tight. If it’s not, air can leak into the freezer compartment, causing condensation and noise.

Another common reason for noisy fridges is an issue with the compressor. A faulty compressor can cause the motor to run too fast, which can damage the bearings and cause noise. To fix this problem, turn off the power to the unit and remove the cover plate. Then, replace the compressor and reattach the cover plate.

If you hear loud banging sounds coming from your fridge, check the defrost timer first. If it’s set too high, the ice will melt faster than the evaporator can remove the moisture. This will cause condensation to build up inside the freezer compartment. The result is frost buildup, which makes noise as it expands and contracts with changes in temperature.

A compressor failure is when the motor inside the refrigerator stops running. This usually happens because the refrigerant has leaked out of the system. It’s not uncommon for a compressor to fail after several years of use.

Are you concerned that your refrigerator’s condenser is too warm to the touch? Don’t hesitate; get in touch with us right away! We can check to make sure your fridge is functioning at optimal levels and work quickly to resolve any issues that may be present.

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