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Dishwasher repair in Gillits

Dishwasher repair service Gillits 

A dishwasher repair technician is a multifaceted professional who often has strong empathy and attention to detail. Your dishwasher repair tech will be happy and eager to help you with any issues that might arise with your apartment’s appliances and makes sure to communicate your needs effectively.

Appliance assist

Our appliance repair team will service dishwashers in Gillits and in the surrounding areas. Give us a call sometime. We look forward to hearing from you. Professional dishwasher repair service Gillits. 

Largest appliance repair centre in Durban

We are currently the largest appliance repair centre in Durban. We have authorised repair agents for all brands including SMEG. TAP HERE to read our Blog.

If there is water coming out of the drain line, check the drain hose first. It should not be clogged with hair or food particles. If the drain hose is clogged, try using a plunger to clear it. If that does not work, call a plumber.

Next, check the water level. If there is no water coming out of the drain hose, then you will need to remove the access panel under the sink. You will see a rubber gasket with a hole in it. Remove the gasket by pulling up on it. Then, pull off the access panel and take a peek inside. If there is any debris blocking the drain, then you will need a new filter.