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Tumble dryer repairs in Mount Edgecombe

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Tumble dryer repair technicians

If you’re looking for tumble dryer appliance repair in Mount Edgecombe we’re here to help! Our fully qualified engineers live and breathe tumble dryers; they know how to fix these issues that plague all of us. We will sort out any problems you have with your drying appliances. Don’t be left without a dryer – contact us today!


Authorised Samsung repair agents

We are an authorised repair centre for the Samsung brand in KZN. Call us to arrange a service call out and our technicians will make a plan to come at a time that suits you!


Home appliance repair experts

With over 39 years of experience in the appliance repair business, we’ve mastered the art of repairing your household appliances. No matter the brand, make, or model, we’ll replace parts and make your home appliances like new again.

Dryer repairs Mount edgecombe  


TAP HERE to read our BLOG. We have authorised repair agents for the SAMSUNG brand.


Tumble Dryer Cleaning Tips

Tumble dryers use heat to remove moisture from clothes, which makes them ideal for drying laundry. But when you’re done using the machine, there will still be lint left in the drum. Cleaning the lint trap regularly helps prevent clogs and other problems that could cause damage to the dryer.

To clean the lint trap, remove the cover plate by unscrewing the screws located at the bottom of the unit. Remove the lint screen by pulling it out of the opening. Then, use a brush to sweep away the lint. Rinse the lint trap with water and let it air dry.

If you notice any build up of lint inside the lint screen, you should replace it immediately. This will prevent the lint from getting into the dryer drum and causing damage.

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