Siemens dishwasher repair

Siemens dishwasher repair

Siemens dishwasher service center

Siemens dishwasher repair services in Durban

We’ll dispatch our repair staff to render expert attention to your Siemens dishwasher, so you can go about your business without worry. We are a professional siemens dishwasher service center. We repair all Siemens home Appliances 

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Troubleshooting Siemens Dishwashers

If you notice water leaking out of the drain pump, check the drain hose first. It’s possible that the hose has become disconnected or broken. If so, replace it immediately.

Next, check the filter itself. You should see a small hole at the bottom of the filter housing. Remove the filter by pulling up on the handle. Then, remove the cover plate and inspect the filter element. If there is any debris stuck inside the filter, use a brush to clean it out.