Fridge and Freezer repairs in Musgrave

Fridge and Freezer repairs in Musgrave

Refrigerator repair service Musgrave

We are your one-stop shop for all repair requirements for your fridge or freezer. Make sure that you book your fridge or freezer in for all your repairs.

Fridge and freezer repair in Musgrave

Our appliance repair technicians will be able to get any brand,  make or model of your fridge or freezer. So regardless of when or where you bought it, we have you covered.

Trusted home appliance repair specialists

We completely understand the frustration and inconvenience an appliance like a fridge causes when it doesn’t work the way it should. However, never fear our appliance repair technicians will be able to get your fridge or freezer up and running even better than it was when you first bought it.  Best refrigerator repair service Musgrave

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Samsung repair centre in Durban 

Don’t let a broken Samsung appliance cause you to throw your hands up – we will repair anything on your Samsung home appliance. You can rely on us for all of your service needs, as our expert technicians are thoroughly trained and enjoy helping their customers. Our customer service is second to none!

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How To Repair A Water Leak In Your Fridge

The best way to keep food fresh in your refrigerator is by using an airtight seal. This will prevent moisture from entering the unit and causing mold growth.

If you notice any leaks in your refrigerator, check the water supply first. You should also make sure there isn’t a leaky pipe under the fridge. If these things aren’t fixed, then you’ll need to call a professional to repair the problem.

Once you’ve turned off the power, remove the door panel by removing the screws holding it in place. Next, disconnect the wires leading to the compressor. Remove the compressor cover and inspect the compressor itself. Look for signs of damage such as cracks or corrosion. If you find anything wrong with the compressor, replace it immediately.

After inspecting the compressor, check the wiring connections. Make sure there are no loose connections. Also, make sure the wire connectors are securely attached to the terminals. If everything looks good, reconnect the wires to the compressor.

Check the water level in the fridge. If the water level is low, then the leak might be coming from the bottom of the unit. You should also check the freezer compartment. If the ice maker has been damaged, the water will not drain properly.

Remove the old filter by unscrewing the top screws. Be careful when removing the old filter as it may contain sharp edges. Once the old filter is removed, replace it with a new one. Make sure to use the correct size filter for the model of your refrigerator.

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