Microwave repair in Westville

Microwave repair in Westville


Microwave repairs Westville

Our appliance repair technicians service all microwave repairs in areas including Westville. Give us a call anytime! 

Microwave oven repair service


We know how important your home appliances are because we’ve seen how they make life easier and more convenient for your family. And we understand you need your microwave to warm up meals, since microwaves are an essential kitchen appliance. That’s why our technicians offer all major brands of ovens in our repair shop. Give us a call anytime—we’re the best choice for quality oven repair. First Class microwave oven repair service in Durban. 

TAP HERE to contact us. We are authorised SAMSUNG repair agents.

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We are committed to our customers’ satisfaction — they can count on us! We’ll be more than happy to repair your appliances, no matter where you bought them.

Most home appliances are repaired in-house by our team of certified engineers. We have the ability to handle a variety of machines, including tumble dryers, ovens, microwaves, and washing machines. Regardless of the problem you’re experiencing, our highly-trained staff has the tools and experience to get your home appliance running smoothly again. 

Your kitchen is not complete without a microwave, and these small appliances make life so much easier. But what if your microwave breaks?

You can call Smart Appliances Repair and we will fix your microwave oven quickly and affordably. Our repair technicians are ready to help you. Best Microwave repairs Westville. 

10 Microwave Care Tips for Kids

Microwave ovens are a great way to cook food quickly and easily. But there are some things you should keep in mind when using a microwave. Follow these tips to avoid burns, explosions, and other hazards.

Don’t Leave Children Unsupervised.

If you’re cooking with a child in the room, make sure they stay away from the microwave. You never know what might happen.

Always Turn Off the Microwave Before Leaving Home.

It’s important to turn off the microwave when you leave home because children can easily reach inside and put themselves at risk of burns.


Never Put Food or Liquid into the Microwave While it’s Running.


If you’re cooking something in the microwave, make sure there isn’t anything else in the oven or stovetop. This includes liquids, such as milk or juice, and foods, such as popcorn kernels or hot dogs.


Only Heat Safely Cooked Foods

Microwaves heat food by using electromagnetic radiation. It’s safe to use microwaves to cook frozen foods, but only when they’ve been thawed first. Microwaves aren’t recommended for heating liquid foods, because they can cause splatters and burns.

Avoid Overheating.

To avoid overheating, keep an eye on the food as it cooks. If you see steam coming out of the food, stop cooking immediately. Also, make sure to remove any plastic wrap before placing the food inside the microwave. Plastic wrap can melt and release dangerous chemicals into the food.