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How to fix fridge cooling

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Refrigerators are designed to keep food cold for long periods of time. They use a fan to circulate air through coils in the back of the unit. The fan pulls warm air out of the freezer compartment and pushes cooler air into the rest of the refrigerator. This process keeps the temperature inside the refrigerator constant.


Check the Thermostat.

If the thermostat isn’t set correctly, the fan won’t work either. It’s possible to adjust the thermostat manually by turning it counterclockwise until the desired temperature is reached. Once the temperature has been altered, turn the thermostat clockwise to lock it in place.


Is There Enough Airflow?

Check the airflow with a flashlight. If no light comes out of the vents, the fan will not be running. This means that the fridge needs to be opened up and cleaned.


Does The Refrigerator Have A functioning  Compressor?

If the compressor is bad, you’ll need to replace it. It’s usually located near the back of the freezer compartment. Remove the screws holding the cover plate on, and remove the screws holding the compressor in place. Then pull the compressor out and take it to a repair shop.


is The Door Closed Properly?

If the door isn’t closed properly, air will leak into the fridge. This will cause the temperature inside to rise, making food spoil faster than normal. Check the door seal by pressing down on the handle with your hand. If there’s no gap between the door and the frame, then the door is sealed correctly.



Are There Any Leaks?

Next, check the seals around the doors and drawers. These seals should be tight enough so that when you press down on them, they make a noise. If they’re not, then they need to be replaced.



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