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Why does my washer only leak when it spins or drains?

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A leaking washing machine can cause disappointment  and water damage. Leaks that occur during the spinning or draining cycles are often the result of mechanical failures or worn components. Our  guide will empower you to diagnose common causes and implement solutions. Call us for washing machine leak repairs 

Common Culprits of Spin/Drain Cycle Leaks

  • Compromised Door Seal or Gasket: The rubber seal (or gasket) around your washer’s door is designed to prevent water from escaping. Tears, cracks, or accumulated debris can lead to leaks during the high-pressure spin cycle.

  • Obstructed Drain Pump: Your washer’s drain pump is responsible for expelling water. Lint, small objects, or buildup can impede its function, causing water to overflow especially during draining or spinning.

  • Degraded Tub Seal: The tub seal prevents leaks around the washer’s central driveshaft. Age and wear can lead to cracks or degradation, allowing water to seep out.

  1. Scrutinize the Door Seal or Gasket: Look for tears, warping, or trapped debris. Run your finger along its surface to check for irregularities that could compromise the seal.

  2. Investigate the Drain Pump: Refer to your appliance’s manual for the pump’s location. Examine the pump and connected hoses for signs of damage or loose connections.

  3. Assess the Tub Seal: Accessing the tub often requires partial disassembly of the machine. Consult your manual or online tutorials for guidance. Carefully inspect the seal for cracks, holes, or signs of wear.

  • Door Seal/Gasket Replacement: Purchase a compatible replacement through the appliance manufacturer or a parts supplier. Installation instructions can be found in the  manual or online.

  • Drain Pump Maintenance or Replacement: Remove the pump, carefully clear any obstructions, and inspect for damage. If the pump is compromised, replace it.

  • Tub Seal Repair or Replacement: The difficulty of this repair often warrants professional assistance. Experiencing a washing machine leak in Durban? Get in touch with us for a quote 

  • Routine Maintenance: Clean the door gasket regularly, inspect hoses for wear, and clean out the drain pump filter as per your appliance’s instructions.

  • Appropriate Detergent and Load Size: Use HE (High Efficiency) detergents specifically designed for your washer model to minimize excess suds. Dont  overload your machine as this can strain seals and components.


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