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Why wont my washing machine turn on? – Call us for repairs in Pinetown

It’s no secret that a washing machine is one of the most important household appliances that save us a lot of time and energy in our day-to-day lives. But what if your washing machine just won’t turn on? Before you start panicking and thinking about buying a new washing machine, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at some of the most common causes of your washing machine not turning on and give you some tips on how to fix them.

  • Check the power supply of a non-responsive washing machine
  •  Verify that the power cord is properly plugged and check the outlet by plugging in another appliance or using a voltage tester

Door/Lid Lock Issues - Washing Machine Won't Turn On: Troubleshooting Tips for a Sudsy Solution

  • Modern washing machines have safety mechanisms that prevent them from starting if the door or lid is not securely closed.
  • If the machine isn’t turning on, check for any visible damage to the door/lid lock mechanism and replace it if necessary.
  • Control panel malfunctioning or unresponsive? Check for stuck or jammed buttons and look for error codes or messages on the digital display.
  • Troubleshoot the issue by gently pressing each button to see if it clicks as expected.

Check the Outlet Voltage

  •  Washing machines need a stable and adequate power supply to avoid performance issues.
  • A voltage meter can be used to measure the voltage at the outlet and ensure it matches the machine’s requirements. Call us if washers won t turn on

Conclusion - washers won t turn on? Book a repair now

Troubleshooting a washing machine that won’t turn on can save time and money by identifying and resolving the issue without costly repairs. Consult the user manual and seek help from a qualified technician. Patience and problem-solving skills are key.

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