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Solving Common Defy Fridge Problems: Why Is My Defy Fridge Not Getting Cold?

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Don’t panic if your Defy Fridge isn’t getting cold. In most cases, you can identify the cause and fix the issue quickly. We have all the information you need to diagnose and repair your fridge, so you can get it back in working order in no time.Defy fridge not working? Call us to book a repair 



Having trouble with your Defy fridge? Book a repair with us and get it sorted quickly. Our skilled professionals will diagnose and fix the issue, from compressor problems to clogged condensers. Don't let your food spoil - trust us to restore optimal performance. Contact us now!

The most common cause of a Defy Fridge not getting cold is an issue with its power supply. Check the plug point to make sure it is securely connected, as well as any external power cords that may have come loose. Also, make sure your fridge is plugged into a functioning electrical outlet. If it’s still not working, you may need to try other outlets or check your fuse box for any tripped breakers.

The next step in troubleshooting why your Defy Fridge is not getting cold is to make sure the thermostat is set correctly. Check that the temperature setting is accurate, and if necessary, adjust it until it cools adequately. Additionally, check for any programming errors or misalignment that might be causing an issue with the temperature control.

Once the thermostat setting is adjusted, it’s important to verify the refrigerant operation of your Defy Fridge. Make sure the evaporator fan and condenser are both running and check for any blockages that might be interfering with air circulation. If there is an issue with either of these components, you will need to fix them before the fridge will get cold.

An obstructed condenser coil or malfunctioning fan motor can prevent the Defy Fridge from getting cold. First, you should use a soft brush or vacuum to clean the outside of the coil so that air circulation is not blocked. Next, inspect the fan motor and make sure it’s working properly and free of dust or dirt. Finally, replace any defective parts if necessary before powering up your fridge.

Defy Double Door Fridge Manual

defy double door fridge temperature settings

Welcome to your new Defy double door fridge! Below you'll find instructions on how to set the temperature for both compartments.

Getting Started

Before adjusting the temperature settings, make sure your fridge is plugged in and turned on. Refer to the user manual for initial setup inst