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Troubleshooting – Smeg Oven Not Heating

stove wont heat up

Smeg repairs

Is your Smeg oven not working, and the lights off too? Not to worry—this guide will help you fix the issue quickly and easily. Step-by-step instructions will take you through troubleshooting tips to identify and resolve the problem, so your oven is back in working order in no time.

Smeg Oven not working 


The first step to take when troubleshooting a Smeg oven is to check the power outlets. Make sure they are all turned on and firmly secured into place. If any of the cords or plugs have come loose, simply push them firmly back into place. Also be sure that any fuses in your kitchen circuit box have not been tripped. If none of these steps correct the issue, the problem may lie within the oven itself, so continue with the following steps.

Inspect the power cord to check for any possible damage. If it appears to be damaged, unplug the oven from its power source and replace the cord with a new one that is factory certified for your Smeg oven. Be sure the wattage of the new wire matches or exceeds the wattage rating listed in your oven’s user manual. Once you have replaced it, plug your oven back in and attempt to turn it on.

If the power cord appears to be in working order, you may need to reset any tripped breakers or replace any blown fuses in your circuit breaker box. Check for this directly if it’s located near your oven. If you’re unsure of what to do, call a professional electrician for help. Once the affected circuit has been reset or replaced, attempt to turn on your Smeg oven again.


Is your Smeg oven not heating? Dont worry just give us a call!

Smeg oven not heating 


Test all knobs for proper functionality. Make sure you are able to turn them on and off or increase and decrease the heat. See if the oven light turns on when you open the door or if the timer is working properly. If the functions do not seem to be working, please consult an authorized technician for repair.

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