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Ways to Prevent Stove Fires

Stove repairs in Durban


We understand that you may be concerned about not having a fully functional stove. We can help you get it up and running in no time. Please enjoy our blog on how to prevent stove fires. 

 Gas stove repairs near me 

We are a full service repair centre which means we repair both gas and electric stoves. 

If you’re cooking with gas, check the burners before you start heating up food. Gas burns at much higher temperatures than other fuels, so make sure the flame is low enough not to cause any damage. Also, keep flammables away from the burner.

Be sure to turn off the heat source when you’re finished using it. This will help avoid accidents and injuries.

If you’ve ever had a kitchen fire, you know how quickly it can spread. It’s easy to forget to turn off the burner after cooking, especially if you’re distracted by other things going on in the house.

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We want you to get the best possible use from your appliance. Please use our form to let us know how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you.  

Searching for stove repair near me? We have the skills to repair all brands ,models  and makes of stoves and ovens. We look forward to being of service. 

Stove repair near me

TAP HERE to contact us. We repair all brands of stoves /ovens but we are authorised repair agents for  the AEG brand. 

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