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Broken Stove Tips for the Homeowner

Stove repairs in Durban

When your stove won’t turn on, there are many things that could be causing the problem. It might be something simple, like a loose connection in the wiring. Or it could be a bigger issue, like a faulty part inside the stove itself. Either way, you should always contact a professional before trying to repair your stove yourself.

If you’re having trouble getting your stove to light, check the pilot light first. This is the small flame at the bottom of the stove that keeps the gas flowing through the burner. If the pilot light isn’t lit, then the gas will not flow into the burners and the stove won’t work.

To test the pilot light, turn off the gas valve and open the oven door. Look inside the oven and see if there’s any visible flames. If there aren’t any flames, then the pilot light is likely out.

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