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How to Fix Your Samsung Fridge That Stopped Working Post Power Outage

Fix Samsung fridge powerout Pinetown

Power Outage Problems: Restore Your Samsung Fridge

Power cuts can be an irritating reality for people living in Pinetown, Kwa Zulu Natal. They can cause havoc with your appliances. When the lights come back on your Samsung, frudge doesn’t cool don’t worry, we are here to save the day.  Call our samsung service center for fridge to book a repair.  

Understanding the Issue

When a power cut happens, there’s a chance of a power surge the moment the electricity returns. This surge can sometimes damage your fridge’s components or trip its internal safety features. That’s why your Samsung fridge, which worked perfectly before the outage, might not kick back into gear afterward.

Troubleshooting Your Samsung Fridge After a Power Outage

Tripped Breaker: Check your home’s electrical panel for any tripped breakers.

  • Blown Fuse: If you have an  Older home  it might still have fuses – Its best to check if any related to the fridge are blown.
  • Power Cord Issue: Examine the power cord for any damage.
  • Malfunctioning Outlet: Try plugging the fridge into a different outlet to test it.
  • Overloaded Circuit: If the fridge shares a circuit with other appliances, unplug some of them to reduce the load.
  • Faulty Fridge Components: Power surges  could potentially damage parts like the compressor, control board, or thermostat.


  • No Power: Are the interior lights dead, and is there no display lit?
  • No Cooling: Is the inside of the fridge warm, or are your groceries spoiling?
  • Strange Noises: Are there clicking sounds, or is the compressor constantly running without cooling?

Troubleshooting Your Samsung Fridge After a Power Outage

Check Power Supply:

    • Flip the relevant breaker off, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on.
    • Test the power outlet with another appliance to ensure it’s working.
  1. Reset the Refrigerator:

    • Unplug the appliance for at least a minute, then plug it back in. This resets the electronics.
  2. Check the Temperature Settings:

    • Someone may have accidentally altered them during the outage. Make sure they’re set correctly.
  3. Inspect the Condenser Coils:

    • These coils at the back of the fridge dissipate heat. If they’re dusty or blocked, the fridge can’t cool properly. Unplug the fridge, clean the coils with a vacuum or brush, then plug it back in.
  4. Verify the Door Seals:

    • Make sure the seals are tight and not damaged. Damaged seals cause cold air to leak out. A simple  test’ can confirm this. Close the door on a note  if it