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What to Do When Your Hisense Tumble Dryer Stops Working Properly

Hisense tumble dryer repair in Umhlanga 


When your Hisense tumble dryer stops working properly, it can be frustrating and inconvenient. Fortunately, there are some common issues that can easily be diagnosed and fixed with a little bit of knowledge and effort. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some of the most common problems and how to fix them so you can get back to using your tumble dryer in no time.

One of the first things to check when your Hisense tumble dryer is not working properly is to make sure it’s receiving power. Check that the dryer’s power cord is securely plugged into an electrical outlet and that the outlet itself is functioning properly. If everything looks fine, try resetting the circuit breaker or fuse box in your home. A lack of power can prevent the tumble dryer from functioning properly, so it’s important to rule out this possibility first before exploring other troubleshooting options.

If you’ve checked the power source and your Hisense tumble dryer still isn’t functioning properly, the next step is to clean the lint filter and vent. Over time, lint can accumulate in these areas and disrupt air flow, which can lead to poor drying performance or even a complete breakdown of the machine. Begin by unplugging the dryer and removing any lint from the filter. Then, use a vacuum cleaner or a lint brush to remove any remaining debris from both the filter and vent. Once you’ve cleaned these areas thoroughly, plug in your machine and test it again to see if it’s functioning properly.

If your Hisense tumble dryer is still not working properly after checking the power source and cleaning the lint filter and vent, it’s time to inspect the dryer drum. Depending on the issue, you may need to replace some parts or perform some repairs. Begin by examining the drum for any signs of wear, such as cracks or dents, as these can affect its performance. If you notice any issues with the drum, contact a professional technician to assess and repair it. Additionally, check that the belt is not worn out or broken, as this can also cause issues with the dryer’s performance. If necessary, replace a faulty belt to ensure smooth operation of your Hisense tumble dryer.

When your Hisense tumble dryer is not working properly, it’s important to check that it is level and stable. An unbalanced dryer can cause excessive vibration, which in turn can lead to wear and tear on the machine, as well as knocking sounds. To check if your dryer is level, place a spirit level on top of the appliance and see if it indicates that the dryer is sloping one way or the other. If so, adjust the leveling feet until the appliance is perfectly horizontal. Additionally, ensure that the dryer drum rotates smoothly without any wobbling or shaking while in use. This will enhance the efficiency and longevity of your Hisense tumble dryer.


Dryer tips

Here are  some useful tips for improving the efficiency of your tumble dryer 

  1. Clean the lint filter: Make sure to clean the lint filter before and after each use. This will improve the dryer’s efficiency and reduce the risk of fire.

  2. Sort your clothes: Sort clothes by fabric type and weight before drying. This will help prevent damage to delicate fabrics and ensure that heavier items dry evenly.

  3. Don’t overload the dryer: Overloading the dryer can cause clothes to dry unevenly and take longer to dry. It can also damage the dryer and reduce its lifespan.

  4. Use the right heat setting: Use the appropriate heat setting for the fabric being dried. High heat is suitable for towels and other heavy fabrics, while low heat is better for delicate fabrics.

  5. Don’t leave clothes in the dryer for too long: Over-drying clothes can cause shrinkage, damage the fabric, and increase the risk of fire. Remove clothes from the dryer as soon as they’re dry.

  6. Shake out clothes before drying: Give clothes a good shake before putting them in the dryer. This will help prevent wrinkles and ensure they dry evenly.

  7. Use dryer balls or clean tennis balls: Dryer balls or clean tennis balls can help reduce drying time and prevent clothes from clumping together.

  8. Clean the dryer vent: Make sure that  you  clean the dryer vent regularly to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of fire. A clogged vent can also cause clothes to take longer to dry.

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