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Stove Care Tips for the Homeowner

Stove care and repair

Best Stove care tips Durban

Stove care is an essential part of maintaining a safe home environment. It includes cleaning the oven, stove top, and other parts of the kitchen. Reliable stove care tips Durban.  

Clean the Firebox Regularly

If you use your stove regularly, then you should clean the firebox at least once every month. This will help prevent any buildup of soot and grease inside the stove. You can remove the burners and scrub them with a brush.  

Check the Pilot Light.

Make sure that the pilot light is lit before using your stove. It is very easy to forget to check this when you first turn on your stove. If the pilot light isn’t lit, then there won’t be enough oxygen available to ignite the gas.  

Replace the Flame Retardant Pads.

Replace the Flame Retardant Pads. If you need help please don’t hesitate to contact us! We look forward to being of service.  

Inspect the Burner Guard.

  If you notice any cracks or holes in the burner guard, replace it immediately. This will ensure that the gas does not escape into the room.  

Maintain the Safety Knobs.

Make sure that the safety knobs are well maintained. You should check them regularly to make sure that they do not stick or become loose.   TAP HERE to contact us. We are authorized AEG repair specialists but we repair all other brands of stove too.

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