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Troubleshooting Tips for When Your Dishwasher Isn’t Cleaning Properly Introduction – Umhlanga

A dishwasher is a time-saving and convenient appliance that helps with the daily chore of cleaning dishes. However, when it’s not working effectively, it can be frustrating and add more work to your plate. If you’ve noticed that your dishwasher isn’t cleaning dishes as thoroughly as it should, don’t worry – there are several common causes and easy solutions to help you get your dishwasher back in top shape. In this blog, we will explore some troubleshooting tips to address the issue of a dishwasher that isn’t cleaning properly.

Check for Clogged Spray Arms:

One of the primary reasons for poor cleaning performance is clogged spray arms. Over time, food particles, minerals, and debris can accumulate and obstruct the spray arm nozzles. Inspect the spray arms and use a toothpick or small brush to clean out any blockages. Ensure that the arms can spin freely to distribute water effectively during the cleaning cycles.

Examine and Clean the Filter:

A dirty or clogged filter can impair the dishwasher’s ability to clean dishes properly. Locate the dishwasher’s filter – usually at the bottom of the tub – and remove any debris or food particles. Give the filter a thorough rinse and reinstall it. Regularly cleaning the filter can significantly improve your dishwasher’s cleaning performance.

Use the Right Dishwasher Detergent:

Using the incorrect dishwasher detergent or not using enough detergent can lead to subpar cleaning results. Ensure that you are using a high-quality dishwasher detergent that is suitable for your dishwasher type and water hardness. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the recommended amount of detergent to use for optimal cleaning efficiency.


Load Dishes Properly:


Incorrectly loading the dishwasher can hinder water circulation, compromising the cleaning process. Avoid overcrowding the dishwasher and ensure that dishes are not blocking the spray arms or impeding the movement of the water jets. Refer to your dishwasher’s manual for instructions on how to load dishes efficiently.

Check Water Temperature:

Hot water is essential for effective cleaning in the dishwasher. Verify that your dishwasher is connected to a hot water supply. Run the faucet nearest to the dishwasher until the water is hot before starting a cycle. If you suspect that the water temperature is too low, consider adjusting your hot water heater settings or contacting a plumber to address the issue.

Clean the Interior:

Residue and limescale can accumulate inside the dishwasher over time, affecting its cleaning performance. Regularly clean the interior with a dishwasher-safe cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

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