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How to Fix a Bosch Oven Light Not Working – Repair services Durban

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Is the light in your Bosch oven not working? While this can be a frustrating problem, it’s often easily solved- without the need to call in an appliance repair expert. In this article, we’ll walk you through some basic troubleshooting tips that may help fix your Bosch oven light – Bosch oven 

Bosch oven light not working

To determine if the oven light bulb is burned out, open the oven door and inspect it closely. If the bulb does not illuminate, then it is likely that the bulb needs to be replaced. Make sure to turn off power to the oven before replacing a broken or burned-out bulb. To replace an old oven light bulb, you will need to purchase a replacement from your local hardware store.

After determining that the oven light bulb needs to be replaced, you may want to inspect the other electrical components of the oven. If there are loose wires or damaged circuit boards, then these need to be repaired before a new light bulb can be installed. It is recommended to disconnect all power from the oven if you intend to work on any electrical components of the appliance.

If the problem persists even after replacing the light bulb, then it may be due to a faulty fuse. Check out the necessary fuse connected to your Bosch oven and make sure there is no visible damage. You can test out the fuse by drawing an electric current through it; if it doesn’t complete the circuit correctly and blows, then you need to replace it before connecting a new light bulb.

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