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Troubleshooting Common Whirlpool Gas Oven Temperature Problems

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Is your Whirlpool gas oven not maintaining the temperature setting? Before you call our repairman, try adjusting and troubleshooting the temperature gauge yourself. In this guide, we'll walk you through diagnosing and fixing common Whirlpool gas oven temperature issues.

The most common cause of inaccurate temperature readings in gas ovens is faulty installation or a gas supply issue. Make sure the gas safety valve is properly installed and that none of the lines are blocked, frazzled, or kinked. If you’re not sure how to check for this, consult your user manual or a qualified appliance technician for help. Call us for all gas oven temperature problems. 

A faulty thermostat control can give you inaccurate temperature readings. To test the accuracy of your Whirlpool gas oven’s thermostat control, use an oven thermometer and place it on the center rack of the oven. Turn the dial to 350°F and wait for 30 minutes. If the thermometer reads differently from the oven’s thermostat then your control has a malfunction and needs to be replaced.

Check to be sure that the gas regulator on your Whirlpool gas oven is not malfunctioning. If the regulator is faulty then this can impact the oven’s ability to maintain a steady temperature. You can check this by turning off the power source to your oven and then removing the rear panel. Once you’ve done this, verify that the regulator is working properly by lightly pressing down and releasing it several times. If your gas regulator does not spring back up quickly, chances are it requires replacing.

To inspect the burner flames and orifices, begin by turning off the power supply for your oven and removing the top panel or safety door of your gas oven. Check all of the orifices for any blockages. Additionally, check to be sure that each of the burners are burning with a bright blue flame which is contained within the burner sleeve. If you find that there is a problem, such as a blocked orifice, then attempt to clear this before replacing any parts. If you’re still having difficulty resolving the temperature issue after doing all of these inspections, contact a local professional appliance repairman for assistance.

In order to inspect the temperature sensor on your Whirlpool gas oven, you should begin by disconnecting the power supply and locating the temperature probe inside of your oven’s main cavity. Solutions such as cleaning both the metal contacts around this area and replacing worn parts can help you restore accurate temperature control to your gas oven. If these solutions do not work, then it may be necessary to replace the entire temperature control unit in order to ensure accurate regulation of heat.


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Igniting the Burners
  • Locate your desired burner control knob.
  • Push the knob inward and turn it to the “Lite” position. This releases gas and should trigger the igniter.
  • Listen for a clicking sound. This indicates the igniter is working.
  • Once the burner lights, change  the knob to your desired flame size.
  • Choose your baking temperature. Consult your recipe for guidance.
  • Turn the oven control knob to the desired temperature.
  • Wait for the preheat indicator.  It  usually involves a light or a beep.
  • Put your food ins