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Safety of Gas Stoves

Safe Gas stoves

Gas stoves are used in many kitchens around the world, but they’re also dangerous.

Here are some safety precautions that will keep you and your family safe when cooking with gas. We repair all brands of stove including SMEG 


Most frequent questions and answers
Gas stoves are very common appliances in  households.They provide heat and cook food quickly, making them convenient and easy to use. However, gas stoves pose several hazards that need to be addressed.
There are three main types of gas stoves available today: electric, natural gas, and propane. Electric stoves are powered by electricity and require no fuel. Natural gas stoves burn natural gas, while propane stoves burn liquid propane. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.
If you plan to use your stove only occasionally, consider buying a smaller model. A small stove will save money and space in your kitchen. However, if you plan to use your gas stove often, buy a larger model. This will help reduce the chance of having to replace your stove because it won’t hold up as well.
Make sure to clean your appliances regularly. You can do this by wiping down the inside with a damp cloth. Be careful not to scrub too hard, though, as this could damage the finish. Also, make sure to wipe off any spills immediately.

Gas stove not working?

Our technicians will help! We have over three decades experience repairing all types of ovens and stoves

Ways To Fix A Gas Stove Flame Goes Out

The flame on a gas stove is controlled by a pilot light that burns continuously. When the pilot light goes out, the flame will also go out. This video shows how to relight the flame.

If the flame goes out, check the pilot light first. It should be lit when the burner is turned on. If not, turn off the burner and wait until the pilot light comes back on. Then turn the burner back on.

If the flame goes out while cooking, check the flame guard first. It’s possible that the flame has gone out because the flame guard isn’t installed properly. You can replace the flame guard yourself with a new one at home improvement stores.

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