Hisense Fridge Repairs

Hisense Fridge Repairs

Hisense repairs done at your premises

    You’ve got a Hisense fridge problem? Don’t worry, we’re here for you! We repair all sorts of Hisense appliances, including freezers. We’re passionate about quality service and want you to be satisfied with your experience. If your appliance is in need of repair, our technicians will come to your place and fix it right there.  

What will the repair cost?

  The cost of the repair includes the labour charges and the price of parts used. There are no hidden fees or other costs. It depends on the fault, which may have a variety of causes ranging from a more tangible issue to a symptom of something more complex going on underneath.    

How does it work

You will need to call our repair team on 031 562 0666  to make a booking or organise a callout so that our technicians are able to diagnose the fault.    

Call out fees

We spend a lot of time and money on our services. The cost of using a technician’s time, van, fuel, and other operational costs may not be worth it if we can’t find the problem. We, therefore, ask that you understand why there is a small call out fee applicable. Professional and affordable Hisense Fridge repairs.

Fridge Technician

Our repair team are expert in the field of appliance repair. Your fridge and freezer have never been in better hands.  

Hisense Fridge repairs Durban

We are authorised Hisense repair service providers dedicated to your satisfaction. CALL US NOW 031 562 0666
TAP HERE  for more information. The best Hisense Fridge repairs in Durban.

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