Samsung microwave repair

Samsung microwave repair

Samsung microwaves repair

We’re excited to share our knowledge with you. This guide will walk you through how to repair your microwave oven.

If you turn off your microwave and then try to use it again, it might not work. It’s possible that there was an issue while the microwave was running. To troubleshoot your microwave, follow these steps:
1) Turn off the microwave by pressing the power button until the display turns off.
2) Wait at least 30 seconds before trying to use the microwave again.
3) Press the power button again to turn the microwave back on.

If you’re still having trouble with your microwave after following these steps, check to make sure the cord is plugged into an electrical socket.

Make sure that the power cord is plugged into an outlet that’s turned on.
4) Replace the heating element cover.
5) Plug the power cord back in.
6) Turn the microwave on and test it.
7) If it still isn’t working, call us

If you do, then there’s a good chance that the problem is with the heating element inside the oven. To replace the heating element, follow these instructions:
1) Remove the door panel by pulling up on the tabs at the bottom of the door.
2) Pull out the heating element cover (it should slide right off).
3) Unplug the power cord.

Samsung microwave repair service

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