Appliance repairs in Umhlanga

Appliance repairs in Umhlanga

repair of electrical appliances

Fridge repairs in Umhlanga

Professional repair of electrical appliances

Working as an appliance repair agent has been a great experience. Out of all the common recurring problems that people have with their dishwasher, we’ve gotten them fixed. We’ve also seen more complicated ones and always been able to fix them for you. We offer affordable washing machine repairs that wont break the bank. Only reliable repair of electrical appliances
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Our customers are the most important people in our life. Without them, we’d be nothing. They deserve our entire attention, especially when they are so amazing as to entrust us with their repair jobs. We put their minds completely at ease by guaranteeing that we will be there for them should their appliance become faulty again.

Troubleshooting Your Kitchen Appliance

If you’re not sure what to do, here are some tips to help you troubleshoot your appliance. First, check the temperature settings. Make sure the temperature is set at the correct setting for your area. Next, make sure there isn’t any water leaking into the unit. Check the door seals and the drain pan. If you see any leaks, use an oven mitt to turn off the power to the unit. Then, remove the back panel and inspect the wiring connections. Finally, replace any broken parts.

If you still aren’t able to fix the issue, call us professional repair service

Microwave repairs in Umhlanga 

We  will repair all brands makes and models of microwaves. Give our expert technicians a call anytime!