Washing machine repair Ballito

Washing machine repair Ballito

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When your washing machine breaks, you need a company that can provide reliable appliance repair. That’s where we come in. Not only will our team have your washing machine up and running in no time, but we also fix all brands. We promise to help you maintain the appliances that keep your home running smoothly for years to come!




Washing Machines Not Spinning - What Causes This Issue?

The most common cause for a washing machine that won’t spin is an obstruction in the drain line. Check the drain line first before calling a repairman.

If the washer still won’t spin after checking the drain line, check the spin cycle. It should be set at the highest level possible (usually “Heavy”). If the washer still isn’t spinning, call a professional appliance repair technician.

If the drain pump has stopped working, there will be no water flow through the drain hose. To fix this problem, first turn off the power to the washing machine by unplugging the unit. Next, remove the access panel on top of the washer. Then, locate the drain pump. Turn the knob counterclockwise until the drain pump stops turning. Once the drain pump is turned off, replace the access panel and plug the washer back into the wall outlet.

A washer hose connection problem can cause the machine to stop spinning. To fix this problem, first turn off the power switch at the breaker box. Then, remove the cover plate on the back of the washing machine. Next, disconnect the hoses by pulling them out of the machine. Finally, pull the hoses away from the machine until they come out of the wall.

If the lid isn’t closed properly, water will leak into the machine. You should also check the drain hose connections.

Make sure the water supply is clean and free of debris. Also, check the faucet connections to make sure they are tight. If the faucets are loose, tighten them with pliers.