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Comprehensive Guide to Washing Machine Problems in Umhlanga

Need washing machine repairs in Pinetown? Contact a local technician for a fix.

We know how frustrating it can be when your washing machine malfunctions. This guide aims to provide Umhlanga homeowners and renters with tips and solutions to common washing machine malfunctions, such as: Washing machine not spinning washing machine leaking washing machine not draining washing machine making strange noises not heating water not turning on

Not spinning

  • Possible Causes: Unbalanced load, worn-out motor coupling, or a malfunctioning lid switch.
  • Solutions: Check the load balance, inspect the motor coupling, and replace the lid switch if needed.

leaking washing machine

  • Possible Causes: Damaged hoses, loose connections, or a malfunctioning pump.
  • Solutions: Inspect hoses, tighten connections, and replace any damaged parts, such as hoses or pumps.

Not Draining

  • Possible Causes: Clogged drain pump or a malfunctioning lid switch.
  • Solutions: Clean the drain pump and check the lid switch for issues.


In conclusion, this comprehensive guide offers Umhlanga residents a valuable resource for addressing washing machine problems. By following the troubleshooting and solutions provided, you can potentially save time and money. Remember to prioritize safety when working with your washing machine,

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