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Troubleshooting the Most Common Samsung Tumble Dryer Issues

The thermostat is an important component in any dryer, as it regulates the temperature. If your tumble dryer is not performing as intended, make sure to check that the thermostat is set correctly. Sometimes simply adjusting this setting can fix the problem. You should also check that the heating element is working properly by testing its continuity with a multimeter. If there seems to be an issue with either, you may need to replace them. We will repair all your samsung dryer problems. 

Make sure to clean it out regularly to prevent clogs, which can affect the performance of your dryer. To clean it, start by opening up the lint filter door. Vacuum or brush away any built-up lint Clean out the lint filter.and debris you find, then clean out the filter’s tray with a damp cloth. Make sure everything is completely dry before you close the filter door and turn on your tumble dryer.

A faulty door switch can prevent the dryer from running at all. You’ll need to unplug your dryer and open the back panel for access to the door switch. Once you have it open, use a multimeter set to ohms to test whether or not it is working properly. If it’s not, you may need to contact an appliance repair professional or order a replacement part.

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