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Top Reasons Why you have defy dryer problems – How to use your defy tumble dryer reset button

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Defy dryer problems 

Have you been trying to get your Defy tumble dryer to switch on but been unsuccessful? Don’t worry, as you are not alone. We will show you the top reasons why it won’t switch on and provide helpful tips on how to troubleshoot the issue and attempt a repair. – Defy dryer problems and solutions in Westville. 

One of the most frequent issues with your Defy tumble drier is that it won’t turn on. This can be caused by either a faulty power connection or a faulty electrical socket. First, make sure that the power cable is in good working condition. If it doesn’t appear to be damaged, check that it’s properly connected to both the appliance and the mains socket. If this isn’t possible, use another known working connector, or plug your tumble dryer into another electrical socket.


Assuming the power connection and electrical socket are functioning properly, next, check the position of the tumble dryer’s Start/Stop button. If it has been inadvertently switched off, simply move it to the green “on” position. This should be enough to power up your Defy tumble dryer.

If the Start/Stop button is on and your Defy tumble dryer still won’t switch on, then the thermal fuse may be to blame. This acts as an extra safety precaution, breaking in case of a short circuit or if the temperature inside the dryer rises too high. Check that it hasn’t blown by gently prising off its cover and checking if it has moved out of its seating slot. If this is the case, simply replace it with a new one to get your tumble dryer working again.

The door switch, located at the base of the dryer’s door, is a small electrical device that turns off the power when the door is opened. If it’s been damaged or blocked by lint and debris, your tumble dryer won’t start up. Clean away any lint and check if the switch works by pressing on it as you close and open the door. If it is broken, then you will need to replace it – speak to our service team for more help.


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