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Troubleshooting Common Whirlpool Washer Issues: Draining Problem

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If your Whirlpool washing machine isn’t draining properly, you may be dealing with a clogged drain line or faulty pump. Here, learn how to diagnose and fix the most common causes of a draining problem in a Whirlpool washing machine.

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If the drain hose is clogged with debris, it can cause a draining problem in your Whirlpool washer. To inspect it, disconnect the washing machine from power, then remove the drainage hose from the back of the washer. Clear any debris that could be blocking its path and check for any kinks or obstructions. If there is an air pressure issue in the drain hose, restart your washing machine as this will correct air pressure issues.

Clogged filters can also prevent a successful drain. Clean the filter by removing the cover, pulling out the filter and any found debris, then rinsing it in warm water. Make sure to double check that all pieces are clear of debris before reinstalling. To take preventative steps, regularly clean the filter at least once a month and be sure to run a cycle with just baking soda or vinegar every few weeks to break up soap scum and residue buildup.

Before doing any further troubleshooting, rotate the machine’s drum to ensure a smooth flow of water during a cycle. This is an important step that is often overlooked and can help solve many Whirlpool washer issues. It ensures that any buildup or blockage in the pump or hoses doesn’t cause drainage difficulties by allowing more water to enter the system. Make sure you follow all safety instructions before attempting this task.

After verifying the drum has been rotated properly, the next step is to check the drain position and level. The drain hose must be hooked correctly to a sink or tub drain, and it also needs to be at least 10 inches off of the ground. Failure to maintain proper distance from the floor can cause backflow of water and damage to your machine. Additionally, be sure that drainage angle allows for a proper flow of dirty wash water out of your machine’s pump.

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