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What to Do When Your LG Refrigerator is Not Cooling

lg fridge not cooling

Common Causes Why Your LG Refrigerator Is Not Cooling

If your LG fridge is not cooling properly after you replaced the compressor, there may be a few possible causes. From incorrect installation of the compressor to wiring problems and control board issues, we’ll discuss why your refrigerator isn’t performing as expected and how to fix it.

The evaporator fan motor is critical to recirculating cold air in the fridge and freezer so that your food stays at its optimal temperature. If the fan isn’t working correctly, it won’t move air as efficiently and your appliance won’t cool as effectively. Check your evaporator fan motor wiring and make sure that everything is securely connected. Also, if necessary, clean out any dust or dirt buildup so that it can spin freely without obstruction.

After changes to the compressor, it’s important to inspect the cooling coils and compressor relay level. Over time, these components can start to wear out, which can cause the fridge not to cool properly. So, you should check these components for signs of wear or damage and make sure that they are functioning correctly. You may need to replace them if they don’t appear to be in good condition.

One of the most common causes for a newly replaced compressor not cooling correctly is an improper refilling of the refrigerant volumes. When you refill the refrigerant level, it is essential to keep the volume within range as too little or too much can result in cooling issues. You should use a refrigerant pressure gauge to measure the gas pressure in order to ensure it is within range and adjust accordingly.

In order to properly cool your LG refrigerator, it is important to make sure that the discharge line is hot when the compressor is running. If the hot gas line does not get hot enough, this will prevent cooling from taking place even after all other components have been properly replaced. Make sure that you feel heat coming from the discharge line and if there is no heat present, you may need to look into further troubleshooting.

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