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How to Solve the Problem of a Defy Gas Stove Not Igniting

gas stove not igniting

Is your Defy gas stove not igniting? Don’t worry – we have a few troubleshooting steps that can help you identify and solve the problem. Follow our guide to diagnose why your stove isn’t working, and address the issue swiftly to get back to cooking.


Start by inspecting the gas valve, located just below your stove’s control knobs. Make sure that it is open, and all of the lines are connected properly. If you find any broken or missing parts, replace them before trying to ignite the stove again. Check for loose screws or other issues that could be interfering with the gas flow or burner connection.

The igniter is located in the gas line and is responsible for starting the fire and providing heat to your stovetop. If it does not make a spark, then it must be replaced. You can easily check to see if there is a spark by pressing the igniter button and looking for a spark around the igniter area. If you do not detect a spark or hear any clicking noises, then the igniter should be replaced.

Before attempting to replace the igniter in your Defy Gas Stove, it is important to make sure that all burners are working and that no shutoff valves are closed, if applicable. If all of these components are working properly, then you can proceed with the igniter replacement. Be sure to double-check any connections and related components before proceeding with the repair process.

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