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How To Fix Your Hisense Dishwasher Not Drying

hisense dishwasher not drying

If your Hisense dishwasher is failing to dry your dishes properly, it could be due to a few different factors. Find out how to diagnose and fix the issue in this guide, so you can get back to enjoying clean and dry dishes.

This image shows a Samsung dishwasher technician inspecting a dishwasher. The technician is looking at the water temperature, the rinse aid, and the filter. The technician is also checking for any leaks or clogs. - samsung technician support

One possible cause of your dishwasher not drying is a clog in the air intake. This can be caused by lint or other debris that has collected on the tab at the bottom of the filter basket that supplies air to the inside of the appliance. To check for this, open up your Hisense dishwasher and clean out any blockages from the air intake. Once you’ve done this, run a cycle with detergent to see if it fixes the issue.

If the issue with your dishwasher not drying persists, you may need to replace the door gasket or running seal. This is a rubber material that seals the connection between your appliance and its door, helping to improve air circulation and eliminate steam from entering inside the appliance. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for replacing this part and replace it if necessary.

Your dishwasher’s condensation and air dryer evaporator is sometimes responsible for the issue. If it becomes clogged with food particles or grease, then it may not be able to adequately extract moisture from your appliance, causing the dishes to remain wet after a wash cycle. You can use a brush to gently scrub out any debris stuck inside the duct. Then, leave the door open for an hour or two after you’ve finished cleaning out the debris and allow your appliance to air-dry its internal components before using it again

Inspect the Pump Motor Filter Reservoir located behind the dishwasher door. This part plays a crucial role in eliminating moisture from your dishwasher, so it is essential that you check for any obstructions or blockages which may be preventing it from doing its job properly. Remove any debris you find by using a damp sponge or cloth. Once all of the blockages are gone, replace the filter cover and run a test cycle to see how your Hisense dishwasher performs.

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