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Hisense Washer Dryer Not Drying – Easy Troubleshooting Solutions

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To begin troubleshooting, you need to ensure that the water supply is normal. If there is a shortage of water or too much pressure in the container, then it could lead to malfunctioning of your washer dryer. Check if the water source and filter are working correctly, and make sure no foreign objects are blocking the water flow.


Dryer taking too long to dry

The ventilation hose is responsible for discharging the moist air outside your home. If the hose is blocked or damaged, it will create a vacuum that prevents this process from happening resulting in poor drying performance. Check if the ventilation hose is connected and not bent which could be obstructing the flow of air. Make sure it’s straight with no sharp bends or restrictions, and clean away dust and debris from the hose to allow efficient air flow.

Some Hisense models have extra washer dryer drum plugs or pins that can get lodged in the holes during the washing and/or drying process. If these are jammed, it could prevent your dryer from delivering its best performance. Before you check any other components, simply remove any obstructing plugs or pins from your tumbler drums. Doing this troubleshooting step first could be the simple solution to your problem!

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