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Tumble dryer repair services

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Tumble dryer repair services

Dryer repairs 

Tumble dryer repair services near me

When the tumble dryer in your home breaks down, it can be costly and frustrating. But before you shop for a new one, make sure you aren’t holding your dryer wrong. Are you drying shirts on too high of a heat setting? Putting too many clothes in at once? Stacking so many towels on top of each other that they block the air vents? These are all possible fixes that can help your appliance work efficiently again.TAP HERE to contact us. We are authorised Smeg appliance repair agents but fix all other brands too. The best dryer repairs in Durban.  

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Dryer Repair Tips for the Average Homeowner

If your dryer isn’t heating up properly, check the thermostat first. Make sure it’s set correctly and that the temperature dial is turned to “heat.” Next, check the vent hose to make sure it’s not blocked. You can also try unplugging the dryer and plugging it back in again. If those steps don’t work, call a professional to repair the problem.

A clogged lint trap is one of the most common causes of dryer malfunctions. It should be cleaned regularly to prevent damage to the machine. To clean the lint trap, remove the access panel by removing screws at the bottom of the unit. Then, use an air blower to blow out any lint that has accumulated in the lint trap. Finally, replace the access panel.

If you notice water leaking from your hose, check to make sure there isn’t a leak at the connection point between the hose and the faucet. If so, tighten the fitting by turning the screw clockwise until it stops dripping.

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