Washing machine repairs in Bluff

Washing machine repairs in Bluff

Washing machine repairing service centre

Have you ever been washing clothes and noticed that your machine makes a strange clunking sound? Maybe it’s getting hot, or maybe it’s leaking water? It could be any number of things — but don’t worry, we’ll get there and get the problem fixed. We understand that there’s nothing more frustrating than needing to do your laundry but you’re unable to because of a faulty washing machine. We’re here for you. Friendly washing machine service technicians. 

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We want to make sure you are using your appliance correctly. We have a blog on how you can care for appliances that will help with this! Affordable washing machine service technicians. 

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Water Level Switch Testing Tips

To access the water level switch, first remove the door panel. This will allow you to see the switch clearly. Next, turn off the power to the washer. Then, lift up the lid of the washer. Finally, remove the switch.

Once you’ve removed the door panel, you should be able to see the water level switch. It’s located at the bottom of the tub. Remove the switch by lifting it out of its housing.

If you’re not sure how to disconnect the wiring, here’s what you need to do: Turn off the power supply (the breaker) to the washer. Then turn off the circuit breaker that controls the outlet where the washer plugs into. Finally, unplug the washer.

Once you’ve removed the switch, check the wires with a multimeter. Make sure there’s continuity between the two terminals. If there isn’t, then the switch has failed.

To reinstall the door panel, simply replace the screws and reattach the door panel.