Washing machine repair in Queensburgh

Washing machine repair in Queensburgh

Washing machine repair services

We’ve all been there — our washing machine breaks… at the worst possible time. Your boss has just asked for those reports that were due yesterday, and you were planning to cook a special dinner for your kids before they head off to bed. Never fear — our appliance repair technician will be able to fix it and have your washer up and running in no time!


Appliance repair technicians

Our appliance repair agents are factory trained technicians who will be able to help you get any of your household machines up and running in no time! Friendly washing machine repair Queensburgh


Largest appliance repair centre in Durban

Since 1983 we have been part of the Durban community repairing and servicing household appliances. To date, we are still the largest appliance repair agents in Durban. Give us a call you won’t be sorry! Professional washing machine repair Queensburgh.

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Ways To Prevent Washing Machine Breakdowns

Washing machines are an essential part of any household. They’re used every day to wash clothes, dishes, and other items that need cleaning. But sometimes, even the best washing machines can break down. Here are some tips for fixing a broken washing machine.

If the drain hose isn’t clogged, then check the washer’s overflow tube. This should be clear of debris. If it’s not, remove the cover plate and inspect the inside of the washer. You’ll find a small hole where the overflow tube connects to the tub. Remove the tube and use a pipe cleaner to clean out any debris.

A dirty filter will cause water to flow through the machine at an increased rate, resulting in more wear and tear on the parts. It’s recommended that you replace the filter every six months.