Tumble dryer repair in La Lucia

Tumble dryer repair in La Lucia

tumble dryer repair services

Tumble dryer repair in La Lucia

Dryer repair services 

What’s the first thing you think happens when your dryer stops working? Probably you need to call a repairman! And rightfully so. Our team of home appliance repair technicians is able to repair any dryer-related issue you might be having. We understand that a functioning dryer is admittedly essential for the upkeep of your household, so we’re here to ensure that you get your problem solved quickly and efficiently. Professional and affordable tumble dryer repair services. 

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Tumble dryer repair services

One of the most common appliance repairs for our technicians is for a tumble dryer . Our techs have over thirty years of experience in dishwasher repairs. We understand that there are lots of households out there that depend on their tumble dryer for a full day’s work. That is why our technicians make sure to get it fixed and running quickly for your family.

How to Troubleshoot Your Tumble Dryer

Tumble dryers are an essential part of many households, but they’re also notorious for breaking down. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to diagnose and repair your machine.

If your dryer has been acting up lately, check the fuse box first. It’s possible that the problem isn’t with the dryer at all, but rather with the circuit breaker. To find out where the breaker is located, follow these steps:
1) Turn off the power switch by pressing the button on the wall.
2) Find the breaker panel (the metal box mounted near the ceiling).
3) Look for the breaker marked “main” or “service.”

Next, turn off the power to the dryer itself by unplugging it from the wall. Then, open the door to the machine and remove the plug from the back of the unit.

4) Check the fuses inside the dryer. Fuses should be labeled with numbers 1 through 6.

5) Replace any blown fuses.

6) Plug the dryer back into the wall.

7) Test the dryer again. If it still won’t work, call a professional electrician.Accordion Content

If you notice any strange smells coming from the machine, check the vent hood first. This will help you determine whether the smell is coming from inside the unit or outside. If the smell comes from inside the unit, then you need to open up the door and take a good look at what’s going on inside.