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Oven and Stove repairs in New Germany

bosch oven and stove repairs near me

Stoves oven problems 

So, you are looking for a reliable, professional and fully certified stove repair team? Well, we are here to assist you. Not only do we have certified, trained and experienced technicians but we also have the best quality parts and products from top brands such as Whirlpool, AEG, Defy, Smeg and more! 

Stove repair near me

We know it’s not easy trying to run a household, especially if you’re a busy professional. Let our trusted and reliable stove repair professionals help you get back to relaxing, and safe in the knowledge that you won’t be worried about what your oven is doing while you’re at work. Our team of stove repair specialists will get your oven up and running without worry, stress or hassle – just affordable, reliable service tailored exactly to your needs.


Appliance repair team

Our team of highly trained professionals is available right now to help you get your stove back up and running.


Durban appliance repair

TAP HERE to contact us. We repair all brands, makes and models of ovens and stoves. We look forward to ensuring your 100% satisfaction


Troubleshooting Common Electric Range Issues Stoves oven problems

Knowing the exact size of your existing electric range burners and coil heating elements is key to making sure you buy the correct replacements. To measure these components, use a ruler and take note of the diameter – both overall and from one mounting hole to the other – as well as any other dimensions that may be stated in your cooker’s user manual. Once you have all this information, you can move on to purchase your new parts.

One of the most common problems with AEG fridges is incorrect temperature settings. With incorrect settings, your food will not stay cool for long periods of time and may spoil sooner than expected. To check your temperature settings, open the refrigerator door and turn the knob from very cold to medium or warm until desired temperatures are achieved. If needed, adjust the internal temperature by slightly tweaking the teperature knobs. As always, make sure you double-check if your fridge is properly plugged into a working outlet before taking any other action.

Once you have the correct replacement parts, take the time to properly install them. If necessary, turn off the power to the range or unplug it before beginning the process. Check that all connections are tight, air vent openings are sealed, and that the elements fit into their respective mounting slots securely. Proper insulation should also be used between wiring connections for safety reasons. Finally, any strain reliefs must be securely fastened to make sure that nothing comes loose from its mount as this could potentially create a fire hazard.

You should always test your burners and coils after installation to make sure that they are functioning properly. To do this, turn the power back on if necessary and plug in the range. Then, turn on the burner or coil and wait for it to heat up. Use a thermometer to measure its temperature if possible, as that will allow you to set it accurately. If it gets too hot or does not heat up at all, check for any loose connections or potential blockages that could be preventing it from operating properly.

Common issues with electric ranges include burners or coils not heating up properly and drawers not opening or closing properly. If a burner or coil is not heating up, check that it is plugged in correctly and there are no blockages preventing it from operating normally. Then, make sure to check the connection between the burner or coil and the power source. If you are having trouble opening or closing drawers, check them for any dirt, debris, or other obstructions blocking the way. Additionally, manually checking that all connections to the drawer are secure should help resolve this issue as well.


defy glass top stove repairs

Our technicians will sort out your defy glass top stove. 

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