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Repair and maintenance of home appliance

Home appliances are getting better and smarter, but it’s still up to you to ensure that things are in proper working order. We’re here to help, whether your fridge isn’t cooling properly, or your dishwasher is making bizarre noises. With more than three decades of experience among our team, all we do is fix home appliances. We repair home appliances.

  • Dishwasher repair in Mount Edgecombe
  • Oven and stove repair in Mount Edgecombe
  • Tumble dryer repair in Mount Edgecombe
  • Television repair 
  • Washing machine repair
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We are passionate about our repair home appliances. 

We have been fixing appliances since 1983, and we’re experts in major appliances, including dishwashers, stoves, washing machines, dryers, and more. Our long tenure in the repair business means that we can fix almost every kind of damage to your home’s appliances — from broken buttons and broken hinges to gas leaks and electrical malfunctions — using high-quality parts that will work for years to come.