Oven and stove repairs in Mount Edgecombe

Oven and stove repairs in Mount Edgecombe

Stove and oven repairs in Mount Edgecombe

While it’s not impossible to make dinner without a stove, it is much harder to do so. And that’s why you need to keep a stove repair service number on hand. At the first sign of trouble, reading the manual or Googling the answer will no longer be an option — why not call the experts instead? A few quick fixes could be all your stove needs to be cooking like new again!

Kitchen appliance technicians

Our appliance repair company have been working on kitchen appliances for over 35 years. Our company is one of the best in KZN, and we make sure that you get the maximum repair value for your money. We do this by hiring only the most skilled technicians to repair your home appliances.


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Repairs are what we do best – our experienced technicians can assist you with fixing your electronic appliances, no matter what brand they may be. From household appliances to commercial equipment, we are here to help! Contact us today if you need appliance repair in the Durban area.