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Gas oven maintenance tips

gas stove maintenance tips

1. Scrub the grate

The first special tip we have is for the cooking grate. Unlike electric stoves with individual burners, the pans sit directly on. Gas burners need a little space between the flame and the pan bottom. This means that most domestic and commercial gas stoves have a large enamelled grate over the stovetop instead of individual burner grates. Some gas burners have smaller unique grates, but this is less common. If you have a gas stove with a grate (or multiple grates), always start with a soak. Fill your sink with hot, soapy water and leave the grates in for up to forty minutes while you clean the rest of the stove. Flip the grates halfway through because most stove grates are too big to soak in the sink all at once. When the grates have soaked, use a scrubbing sponge and light abrasive powder to remove all that cooked-on grit that builds up over time.  

2. Never pour water onto the gas stove

  It can be tempting to try and soak the lower areas of your gas stove for easier cleaning as well. Don’t. Never pour water onto your gas cooktop because it can get into the burners, the gas lines and potentially cause electrical problems as well. You shouldn’t be pouring water on electric stoves either, but you’d be surprised how many people try this to achieve a faster clean stove. If you need a flowing scrubbing agent, try the salt.  

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Appliance care

Oven Maintenance Tips

Oven repair service



How often do you use your oven? How often do you look inside to inspect just how clean it is? And, well, how often do you clean it? Have you tested the temperature lately to ensure it is heating correctly?

Somewhere along the line, whether you realize it or not, there is a good chance you have spilled food inside your oven. It could have boiled over the top of your casserole dish or splattered as something began to heat up. Did you clean it up? Unlikely. When the food is done, we often pull it out, feast on our deliciousness, and move on. Right?

This means that the next time you go to bake something in your oven, you will get those drippings and splatters nice and crispy. And, probably add more to them. Then the next time, you do it again. Over and over.

Before long, your oven is not going to look too clean – and attempting to clean it is going to be quite the chore.

Just like a car requires routine maintenance to ensure it runs at its optimal level, so does your oven.


 Use of Your Oven’s Self-Cleaning Feature

Most ovens have these, but very few people are familiar with how it works. Read your manual or contact the manufacturer. Be sure to wipe down the inside of the oven after it cools down. And, whatever you do, never start the self-cleaning feature and leave home and leave home.

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Microwave care

The microwaves emitted from the oven bounce off metallic materials, so the metal in the oven will cause the interior to heat up unevenly and cause damage. Metals include aluminium. We offer the best and most reliable microwave repair.

  • Use proper containers

If you use containers that aren’t friendly for the microwave, it could leave behind toxins. Appropriate containers are normally made from ceramic glass and more rigid plastics. This will only amount to costly and microwave repair

  • Close the door properly

if the door isn’t closed the food won’t cook properly, and radiation can escape.

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Refrigerator care tips

  • Be sure to clean the coils.

Cleaning the coils and removing dust, pet hair, and more will help the fridge operate more optimally. 

  • Maintain the temperature 

Make sure that the temperature stays between 2 degrees and 4.44 degrees Celcius. 


  • Make sure that the fridge door is kept closed. 

Making sure that the doors are closed makes sure that the fridge maintains the correct temperature.


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Oven care

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Oven care tips

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  • Clean your oven often.
    It would help if you cleaned your oven at least twice a year.
  • It would help if you unplugged your oven when you clean it.
    Slide your oven out and clean underneath and behind it. Debris, crumbs etc. may be a fire hazard, so make sure that it is cleaned properly
  • Check your door gaskets.
    It is the rubber piece that will help to seal in the heat. Over time this may deteriorate. Careful maintenance is required here.
  • Inspect and replace your gas line
    Whenever you buy a new oven, you must purchase a new gas line. Doing so will mitigate the risk of a gas leak.

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DIY dishwasher repair

Simple solutions to dishwasher problems

Doing basic maintenance on your appliance should sort out most problems.

Here are some important questions to note


  1. Are you overloading your dishwasher? Check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you’re loading it right.
  2. Does silverware drop below the lower basket? The spray arm can’t spin if obstructed.
  3. Are you using the proper dishwasher detergent?
  4. Do you routinely scrape food bits off dishes before loading them into the racks? (Rinsing is not necessary.)
  5. Are you using a special rinsing agent if your water is hard (highly mineralized)? Hard water can leave a film on the dishes.


TIP  Stick the end of the supply tube into a pan and turn on the water supply briefly to flush out sediment before reconnecting the supply tube.