Stove repairs in Pinetown

Stove repairs in Pinetown

 Electric Stove repair Pinetown

Our appliance repair centre  has the best stove repair services in all of Durban. Give us a call you wont be sorry!

Bosch Gas stove repairs 

Ovens and stoves are some of the most important appliances in your home! Our repair technicians understand that they’re integral to cooking, so we’re here to help. Any make and model of your stove can be repaired by our technicians, just give us a call!  Reliable and affordable stove repair services. 

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Most Common Troubleshooting Stove Issues And How To Fix Them

Stove repairs can be tricky, especially for those who aren’t familiar with how to fix them. Here are some questions that might come up when fixing a stove.  Our repair centre offers electric stove repair Pinetown 

If you notice gas leaking out of your burner, there are several things you should check first before calling an expert. First, make sure the pilot light is lit. Next, turn off the gas valve at the main shutoff. Then, open the oven door and see if any gas is escaping through the vent holes. Finally, check the burners themselves for leaks.

If the burner is not burning properly, there are several things that can cause this issue. First, make sure that the gas valve is turned off. Next, check the pilot light. It should be lit when the gas valve is open. Finally, check the burners themselves. Make sure that each one has an adequate supply of fuel.