Appliance repair in Assagay

Appliance repair in Assagay

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Smart Appliance Centre is a home appliance centre that provides repair, maintenance and installation services for household appliances. We serve all home owners, whether they have just moved into a new home or are looking to upgrade their current appliances.

We started the company to provide repair to household appliances because we believe in the importance of having working appliances in your home. We know how much time and energy people put into keeping their homes running smoothly, and we want to be part of that effort. Our goal is to help make your life easier by providing quality service at reasonable prices.

Washing Machine Not Spinning - What Is Causing This?

Washing machines aren’t always reliable, so when yours stops working, it’s important to know how to fix it before it breaks down completely.

If you notice that the washer has stopped spinning, check the water level first. Make sure there is enough water in the tub to fill up the entire drum. If not, add more water until the washer starts again.

Next, check the drain hose. It’s possible that the drain hose is clogged with lint or debris. You’ll need to remove the plug at the bottom of the drain hose and then use a plunger to clear out any blockages.

If the drain hose is not clogged, check the filter. A dirty filter will cause the washer to run slower than normal. Clean the filter by removing the cover and using a brush to clean the screen. Then replace the cover and turn the machine back on.

Trusted appliance repair technicians 

Our team of appliance repair professionals have been repairing the Durban area for over thirty five years. During this time we have serviced many happy home owners. Give us a call anytime! 

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