Fridge and freezer repair in Glenwood

Fridge and freezer repair in Glenwood

appliance repair service centre

Appliance repair service centre

Our technicians are able to repair any of your home appliances. We have authorised repair agents for top brands like Bosch, Miele, Samsung, Smeg and many more. We repair appliances like tumble dryers, washing machines, ovens, stoves, dishwashers, microwaves, and even washer-dryers for the best possible prices in South Africa.

Why Choose our appliance repair Services?

1. Fast, Reliable Service

We pride ourselves on our prompt and efficient service. Whether you need an immediate repair or a larger project, we can provide expert services in just one visit. Our technicians can diagnose problems quickly and efficiently, so you won’t waste time with unnecessary appointments and repairs.

2. We Are Experts

We deliver quick, seamless service that gets your appliances up and running at the earliest opportunity. We’ve built our business partnerships with major brands so that we have access to reliable resources for products we don’t sell ourselves. Our technicians are also factory trained and certified on the brands we service.

3. You are in control

We will schedule a time with you to come out, and then we’ll provide a  window of time the day before. This will allow you to know if a technician can visit or not.

4. Great value

If we are unable to repair your appliance you will only have to pay the call-out fee. We want you to get the best out of your appliances. We are a dedicated appliance repair service centre in Durban. 


TAP HERE to read our BLOG. We are authorised repair agents for SAMSUNG 

How To Fix A Refrigerator that Won't Cool

Fridges aren’t always reliable, so when yours doesn’t seem to be working properly, there are several potential reasons why. We’ll cover those in this article.

If your thermostat isn’t set correctly, it’s possible that your refrigerator won’t work as well as it should. You can check the settings by opening up the door and looking at the back of the unit. There will be a sticker with numbers on it. These numbers represent the temperature setting. Make sure that the temperature is set to “cool” or “off.”

If your refrigerator has been running for a while and still won’t cool, there might be something wrong with the ice maker itself. This is usually caused by a clogged filter. It’s easy to clean out the filter yourself, so make sure to do it regularly.

Another common problem with refrigerators is the door seal. If the seal isn’t properly installed, moisture will build up inside the unit and cause mold growth. You should also check the gaskets on the doors and the hinges to ensure they’re not damaged.

If your refrigerator isn’t cooling properly, there might be a problem with the air filter. It should be changed every six months. You can check the filter by opening the door and looking inside. If it looks dirty, replace it.

Most fridges have a defrost system that uses heat to melt ice buildup on the coils. This process takes place automatically when the temperature reaches 0 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if your refrigerator has an automatic defrost cycle, make sure it’s set correctly.


Fridge Repair – What Is the Most Common Problem with Fridges?

Your refrigerator is an important part of your home. It keeps food fresh, and helps keep your family safe. But sometimes, problems arise that require professional repair. Here are some signs that your fridge will  might need repairs.


If you see any of these symptoms, then you probably need to contact a professional repair service. These symptoms include: 1) Refrigerator won’t turn off after being shut down 2) Refrigerator won’t start up 3) Refrigerator door won’t close properly.

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