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Can I Wash a Blanket in a 7kg Front Loader?

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Washing blankets in a 7kg front loader washer may seem intimidating, but it is possible to get great results if you take the right steps. Read this article to find out what needs to be considered before attempting this task, as well as tips for ensuring your blanket comes out looking like new.

Before you attempt to wash a blanket in a 7kg front loader washer, it is important to determine whether such a load will exceed the capacity of your machine. Blankets may require more space than what is offered in some models so make sure you check the guidelines and specifications provided by your manufacturer. Overloading may cause damage and reduce the quality of your results.

It is important to check the care label on your blankets before attempting to wash them in a 7kg front loader. The amount and weight of blankets that can be safely laundered together may vary according to the type and size of blanket. You should only attempt to launder one or two thin blankets at once in a 7kg front loader washer, or one heavier blanket such as a quilt. Exceeding the recommended load may damage the machine or reduce the quality of your results.

If you decide to wash your blankets in the 7kg front loader, make sure that the cycle is set to a gentle or delicate setting. Cold water should be used and a short rinse cycle should also be used after washing. To avoid overloading your machine, it is best to only attempt to launder less than two thin blankets at a time or one heavier blanket like a quilt.

Make sure to use the delicate setting when washing your blankets in a 7kg front loader. The delicate setting has a shorter cycle and lower temperatures, which helps to protect your blanket from shrinking or becoming damaged. In addition, a shorter rinse cycle should also be used after washing, as this will help to prevent excessive soap residue from being left on the blanket.

It’s important to not overstuff your 7kg front loader when washing blankets. Make sure that the load of blankets can move freely so that they are thoroughly and evenly washed. If you put too many blankets into the machine, it can create a lumpy load which won’t thoroughly be cleaned. In addition, an overloaded washing machine can also cause damage to your washer as well as break down the fibers in the blanket material which can reduce its overall lifespan.

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