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Aeg oven and stove troubleshoot

If you’re having aeg oven problems don’t stress , just the call the best!

Our dedicated team of technicians will get your AEG stove or oven up and running in no time! 

AEG Oven Fan Not Working

If you notice that your range hood isn’t blowing out hot air, there are several things you can try before calling an appliance repair technician. First, check the filter. It should be changed every six months. Second, make sure the motor is running properly by turning the knob clockwise. Third, turn off the power source at the breaker box. Fourth, check the vent pipe for any obstructions. Finally, check the duct work for leaks.

Check the motor housing for any signs of damage. If there is no sign of damage, check the wiring connections. If everything looks good, try turning the power off and then back on again.

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