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Washing machine care tips

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If your clothes don’t smell clean when they’re washed, it doesn’t mean the machine is broken. It may be that you are not cleaning your washing machine regularly. The most common cause of odour in clothing is mould and mildew growing inside the washing machine. To prevent mould and mildew from forming inside your washing machine, run it through a hot cycle on its own each week with a cup of bleach and a cup of vinegar added to the water.


Follow Detergent Recommendations

When purchasing laundry detergent, it’s important to make sure that you’re using the manufacturer’s recommended detergent for your machine. Older models may accept a wide range of available detergents, but newer water-saving models should be used with detergents designed specifically for these machines.

Water savings can be achieved by using a powdered or HE laundry detergent that is formulated for front load washing machines. These products contain fewer suds and are more easily washed off the inner tub of the washer, reducing residue buildup.


Don’t Forget the Lint Trap


To make laundry day easier, remember to clean your washing machine as well as your dryer. Although the primary purpose of each machine is different, they both require regular maintenance to run efficiently and effectively. The manual will tell you how to access the lint trap in your washing machine and how to clean it.

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